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Qolty Chatbots

No Coding. Textbots in your Digital Health study.

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No Coding

You're a doctor, not a programmer. Describe to us your study implementations and we can help you create the chatbot with no programming. Take care of patients, not bots.

Advanced Integrations

Advanced integrations like research followup reminder, helping patients apply for social resources, and more. Chatbots don't just answer questions. They also integrate with other services to get things done upon patient ask.

Educationally focused

Use Chatbots for patient education. Create automated answers to commonly asked questions for your study.

Multiple Applications

Creation of a chatbot has many applications, from easy triage decisions to patient education to simple answer trees on patient inquiries. Confused? Get in touch and we can help implement your study.

Fast and Easy

Qolty makes chatbotting easy. Describe your study and we’ll help implement and integrate chatbots with for your research


Chatbots are a nexus between patient inquiries and automated decisions and linkages. If a patient talks about needing a ride, they can get sent an uber with the chatbot + Qolty API. If they take a photo, it can get triaged automatically to the right provider.

Extensive Support

We get it, technology can be confusing, so we’re here to help. You focus on the implementations of your science, we will take care of the tech and support you long term. We’re here for you.

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