USC is collaborating with Qolty to integrate patient-reporated outcomes into Cerner. Qolty will provide patients with a smartphone app where they can take PROs from home. The responses will be securely sent into Cerner, where clinicians can view the data and make decisions that will improve patient care and improve outcomes.

Qolty is a subcontractor for EHR Access to Seamless Integration of PROMIS (EASI-PRO), which will make it easier for researchers and clinicians to collect patient reported outcomes information and use it to improve clinical care and research. By only asking the most relevant questions, PROMIS has the potential to make the surveys up to 10 times shorter, so it is less of a burden on those taking it.

Patient Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS) are a set of NIH sponsored computerized survey tools that changes depending on the patient’s answers, and will be integrated into the Electronic health records of 10 universities across the United States.




Navigation of interoperability FHIR Standards

Secure integration of patient reporrted data


Integration of over 200 PROMIS Assessments 

How it Works

Streamline survey delivery to your patients

Stay organized with the Qolty platfoirm, and setup administrator or member roles. Everyone on your team has the ability to create and invite patient collaborators to help your team stay aligned visually.

Multiple Data Capture Options

  • Organizational or departmental patient portal enrollment
  • Easy registration
  • In-clinic data collection option
  • Home assessments
  • See if assessment due and/or not started

Contextualized Data

  • NIH PROMIS data in context and contextualized.
  • Patient portal to self track data and visualize their own inputs


Key Partners

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